We believe in innovation ensuring each designs are unique

Quick and Quality

Our projects are always on schedule but not compromising quality

Design with Perfection

We have a unique way to achieve perfection in every design

Safety and Security

We not only ensure your safety and security but also our co-workers (who are building your dream home)House

We shape your

We are here to shape your house into your dream home instead of (We help our clients in building their dream home or office)

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Why Chatoyance?

We at Chatoyance believe all unique interiors dependent on unique design which we design by understanding you.

We keep ourselves in your place and understand you (with continuous discussion), interpret your interior requirements and guide you to find the perfect designs, which complement your lifestyles.

We transform your vision into reality by taking care of your budget and also by listening to you as we believe that your satisfaction is the key and word of mouth publicity which is the best advertisement to add to our family. We are always alert in delivering quality work to you in order to achieve this objective.

Customer's Feedback

  • We are delighted with the design of our kitchen. Chatoyance Interior was extremely flexible to our needs and came up with innovative solutions to meet the exact style we wanted. The quality of Chatoyance Interior work and the attention to detail was outstanding. We continue to receive many compliments on our beautiful kitchen! We recommend them.

    • Niranjan
  • I have experienced nothing but efficiency, politeness and brilliant customer service from every single member of the team that looked after us. Your designer produced a design that has delighted us. Without your designers'' tenacity and constant contact I do not think the end result would have been so great. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone... "

    • Shantanu
  • I am Very Pleased and happy with the wonderful work done Chatoyance Interiors in transforming my kitchen into a beautiful piece of art. They were very accommodative and full of innovative ideas. His work was very professional and hassle free.

    • Firdoss
  • I am happy with the service provided by Chatoyance Interiors. They made my interior look nothing less than a masterpiece.

    • Sanjay
  • Chatoyance Interiors are one of the best you have in Bangalore! The owner Mr. Naresh is a thorough professional and a hardworking man! He comes with an expertise in the interior designing and has brilliant color and material sense. I would highly recommend Chatoyance!! Great going!

    • Nitin
  • Maintained good quality and team work.

    • Chandra
  • If you want to have a hassle and tension free interior work done, then choose Chatoyance. I've given multiple works to them and will always recommend them for promptness, professionalism and perfection in work. Additionally, Mr. Naresh is very courteous and keeps up to date on work progress

    • Athif Aziz
  • Mr. Naresh & his team members are very good at their work. My first experience was really good & will definitely look forward to do more work with them in future.

    • Mayank saraf
  • They did great job ! We left everything on them and they co-ordinated it pretty well. It was very smooth and satisfaction satisfactory experience.

    • Khushboo
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  • Chatoyance and team carried out all the work with utmost care of details and delivered on-time. All our additional requests were implemented to our satisfaction. I appreciate Naresh and Shyam in particular for their customer orientation. I recommend Chatoyance for all interior works.

    • Santhosh
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  • I am Very Pleased and happy with the wonderful work done Chatoyance Interiors in transforming my kitchen into a beautiful piece of art. They were very accommodative and full of innovative ideas. His work was very professional and hassle free.

    • manu
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